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5 Significant Benefits of Invisalign®

5 Significant Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign® helps millions of patients every year to correct their smiles with easy to wear and maintain see-through aligners. It’s discreet, faster than metal braces, comfortable without any wires, and — best of all — most people won’t even know you’re undergoing teeth straightening. 

At Trident Dental in Houston, Texas, our experienced dental team can examine your dental imperfections and help determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign or traditional braces.  

Malocclusion (i.e., abnormal bite), crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and other dental imperfections are no match for Invisalign. Here are five benefits this approach could deliver for you:

1. Fast results

Traditional braces use metal fasteners and wires to move each tooth individually. This can put a lot of pressure on your mouth in different directions at once, and take years to achieve the desired result. Invisalign’s one-piece system puts a gentle, continuous force on all of your teeth, so they shift together in harmony. In about 12-18 months (50% faster than metal braces), you could be looking at a brand new smile.

2. Precise tooth placement

Your mouth is scanned using state-of-the-art technology to create a virtual 3D model, which is then overlaid with the desired position of your teeth to see how much your teeth need to shift. The total amount of movement is broken down into a bunch of small steps, with aligners created for each step. The aligners move your teeth precisely and unstoppably through each phase until your smile is picture-perfect. 

3. Comfort thanks to SmartTrack® 

Invisalign clear aligners are head and shoulders above other “alignment methods” thanks to the patented SmartTrack material they are constructed from. This is a highly elastic material that flexes just enough for maximum comfort while maintaining the right amount of pressure to shift teeth. It’s also easy to grasp for quick removal and replacement when you need to eat or brush and floss.

4. Strength due to SmartForce®

Invisalign SmartForce® can help deal with problematic teeth that are further out of line than others. The small, tooth-colored attachments let your dentist gently increase pressure on these problem teeth, helping them get in line with the rest without resorting to metal or rubber banding, ensuring they move into place without metal or rubber bands.

5. Data from millions of happy customers

More than eight million people have successfully had their smiles aligned with Invisalign, and the manufacturers took all of their feedback into account to perfect the process. When you use Invisalign, you’re benefiting from all those before you.

Ready for the smile of your dreams? Contact our office at 281-975-4942, or request an appointment using our online system today.

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