Dr. Ghadah Hasoon , DDS

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Ghadah Hasoon , DDS

Dr. Ghadah Hasoon, a distinguished dentist at Trident Dental, has charted an extraordinary path in her dental career, marked by academic and professional achievements. Her journey began in Iraq, where she earned her BDS degree from the University of Baghdad, laying a solid foundation in dental science. This initial phase of her education provided her with a strong base in general dentistry and a deep understanding of the diverse needs of patients.

Seeking to broaden her expertise and embrace advanced dental practices, Dr. Hasoon pursued further education at Loma Linda University in California, where she achieved her DDS degree. This dual educational background, bridging Eastern and Western dental methodologies, has equipped her with a unique perspective and a comprehensive skill set in modern dentistry.

At Trident Dental, Dr. Ghadah Hasoon is renowned for her commitment to excellence and her patient-centered approach. She invests time in understanding each patient’s unique needs and concerns, crafting personalized treatment plans that yield optimal results. Her areas of expertise are wide-ranging, encompassing preventive care, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Hasoon has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, particularly in cases involving veneers, and excels in the restoration of dental implants. Her proficiency extends to general and family dentistry, where she has many years of experience in treatments such as root canal therapy, managing bleeding gums, and performing extractions. Her approach combines clinical excellence with a gentle touch, ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction.

Understanding the importance of patient education and communication, Dr. Hasoon focuses on making her patients comfortable and well-informed about their oral health. She believes in empowering patients to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their dental care.

Beyond her clinical duties, Dr. Hasoon is deeply engaged in community service. She actively participates in local outreach programs, dental health education initiatives, and community events, aiming to enhance oral health awareness.

Dr. Ghadah Hasoon’s vibrant lifestyle extends beyond her professional life. She is passionate about fitness, enjoys experimenting with new food recipes, and has a keen interest in fashion. As a loving mother to a toddler and a devoted wife, she exemplifies a balance between professional dedication and a rich family life. At Trident Dental, Dr. Hasoon brings not only her extensive dental expertise but also a dynamic and caring presence, contributing significantly to the well-being of her patients and the community.

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